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Monday, July 22, 2013

Try It: Midnight Radio Jr.

I love visiting new places - especially when they are right in my backyard! So I'm really excited to take the family to a production of Midnight Radio Jr. presented by Bricolage Production Co. on Saturday July 27.

Last summer, I didn't just "go to a show" done by Bricolage - I participated fully in the show Strata. If you live in Pittsburgh you may remember the posters with headshots of people in silver jumpsuits, expressing statements of happiness and contentment. That show was phenomenal, unforgettable, emotionally and psychologically engaging. I truly was transformed.

I have a feeling Midnight Radio Jr. is going to be a little more lighthearted. But when they called to invite our family to come check it out and share our opinions after attending, I said "YES!" with no hesitation. I love what Bricolage does. And the show is written by Tami Dixon. Have you heard of Tami Dixon? No?? Go here for a brief interview on Essential Pittsburgh.

We had two choices of shows, Underwater Voyage or Mad Science Lab. After hearing the descriptions of each, all three of my boys chose Underwater Voyage with no hesitation. As a SCUBA diver, I was pretty excited about this one myself.

I love taking my children to new experiences, especially theatrical ones that encourage them to use their imaginations and could inspire their own creative at-home performances. I am so looking forward to this.

What are you doing next Saturday? Come on, dive in with us on July 27 at Midnight Radio Jr: Underwater Voyage! 

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