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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Try It: Olympic Triathlons

"You're pretty slow, you know that?" said the cheerful blonde six-year old sitting on the edge of the neighborhood pool wearing her swim team suit, judging me lap after lap.

Yeah kid, I know I'm slow. But I'm not that slow - I pass people in the pool now! (To be fair some may not actually be swimming laps.)

But I'm doing it. I'm out there! I'm running, I'm biking, I'm swimming! I'm in the park, doing push-ups, waving away kind people who stop to ask if I'm ok while I sprawl face down in the grass.

I did my first sprint distance tri of 2013 on July 13 and it was totally awesomely fun.

But as you know, I like trying new things. So despite some serious moments of panics (in my first lake swim when I started crying, struggling uphill on the bike when I almost started crying, at the end of a really hot run when I wanted to start crying) I'm going to be brave. I have registered for my first Olympic distance triathlon.

 Yikes. See you in Doylestown!

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