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Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Quiz

Thanks to the wonderful group of friends who were able to celebrate my birthday this weekend. We had a terrific party at Franktuary and enjoyed fabulous food and cocktails. My sweet tooth was totally satisfied by amazing cookies from Cake Eaters.

As part of the party entertainment, I gave my guests a chance to try a Birthday Quiz.

However, most of them said it was too hard.

So now you have a chance to tackle this quiz. See how well you do! I have two prizes left to award so let me know how you do - and NO GOOGLING. Resist the temptation! I'll post some of the funniest answers from my party guests and online quiz-takes.

(As of 9/23 the quiz below now has answers highlighted in bold!)

Birthday Quiz Answers!

1. Which is NOT a quality of a Virgo?
 A. Shy
 B. Systematic
 C. Communicative
 D. Soft-hearted

These other famous people were born on September 14. What are they known for?
 A. Hicham el Guerrouj - Morrocan runner, "King of the Mile"
 B. Amy Winehouse - British singer, 7 Grammy awards
 C. Wesley Posvar - General, Rhodes scholar, Chancellor of University of Pittsburgh, my friend's dad
 D. Edgar Aabye - Danish tug of war champion

3. Name the famous book (originally self-published) about running that includes the line "The first lap would be lost in a flash of adrenaline and pounding hooves." - Once a Runner, John L. Parker 

4. Author Anne McCaffrey is best known for what sci-fi series? Dragonriders of Pern

5. What famous writer said “Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.” Hemingway

6. Finish these Mitch Hedberg lines:
 A. “I think foosball is... a combination of soccer and shish kabobs."

 B. “Rice is great when... you're hungry and want 2,000 of something."

7. Complete this movie line:
 "Lock the door... and hope they don't have blasters."

Who was not a starting quarterback for the eight-time World Champion Cleveland Browns?
a. Vinny Testaverde
b. Bernie Kosar
c .Colt McCoy
d. Mike Pagel
e. Seneca Wallace
f. Mark Rypien
g. Ash Ketchum
h. Brian Sipe
i. Derek Anderson
j. Brady Quinn

What is the mascot for Salisbury University?

 What is the mascot for the University of Maryland?

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