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Monday, September 30, 2013

Parents As Role Models

Homemade Ninja Costume Instructions
I often doubt my children hear me, but after reading this I cannot doubt my influence. Even if they don't do as I say, I now have evidence that they definitely do as I do. The above instructions were written by my 8 year old. I loved reading this. It was something I would write. I feel so close to him right now, true kindred spirits.

"How to Make a Homemade Ninja Costume Without doing much."  This first line shows that like me, he thought up a costume he wanted to make on his own but didn't want to put a lot of effort into it.

"Step 1 take underwear and put it on your head and make sure you can see."  He provides easy to follow instructions using materials on hand. I love reusing things! Safety considerations are also included. That's my boy.

"Easy! One Step! Try at home if not working...(our contact info is on the reverse)" Great marketing and encouraging people to try it themselves.

I've been doing a lot of pantster, homemade, simple crafts lately and I love that he felt inspired to invent his own!

A few of the other projects we've done lately:

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Rainbow Loom of course

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Next up, chain mail.

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