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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Let me tell you a little story about how powerful cookies are. 

After a delicious meal on a Friday night me, my three children and my two parents were about to head home when someone - I think my mom - spotted an older woman walking quickly after a small brown dog. The dog (as dogs do) let her get only so close before bolting off again. But this dog was headed down the hill straight towards McKnight Road.

I had a minivan full of tired people. I was wearing my boot and couldn't walk fast. But this poor woman was going to lose her dog. So we stopped. We helped this lady chase that dog up and down Browns Lane. Traffic in both directions stopped. That dog laughed at us. Then it turned up the side roads into townhouse communities. I drove my minivan up and down those roads, hoping to block off the dog's escape. My mom helped. My dad helped. I clumped along the road in my boot. Then my middle son wanted to give the dog a cookie! So he got out and started tempting her with the cookie. He got very, very close. More neighbors joined in. Daisy was slowing. She wove in and out of the parked cars. She ran down one little sidewalk towards the townhouses and we thought we had her but she slipped away again. Finally, her tongue hanging out of her mouth, her rescuers were able to coax her closer and closer by tossing bits of cookie on the grass. And then, she was safe. Back in her owner's arms.

My children were ecstatic. They were celebrating, cheering, shouting, jumping up and down. My middle son, who had provided the cookie that brought Daisy safely home, was glowing. This unexpected event in our lives turned out to be pretty special.

My kids learned some valuable lessons that evening

  1. Helping a random stranger can feel amazing. 
  2. Cookies are very powerful. 

Have you ever done a Random Act of Kindness? I may have done one here or there, but I've never done anything as frustrating or exciting as Chasing Daisy. 

So when Max & Erma's asked me to help them celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week, I said yes. Next week, their Random Acts of Kindness Street Team will be giving away their delicious cookies in various locations around Pittsburgh.

Thinking you don't need a free cookie? Here's the reason to get one:
For every fresh-baked cookie given away, Max & Erma’s will give a cookie to families at the Ronald McDonald House Pittsburgh which provides comfort and care to families needing a “home-away-from-home” as their children receive medical treatment. 
And they are letting me join in the fun! If you do a random act of kindness - or someone you know does one - tell me about it! Post it on your social networks and inspire others. I will reward you with praise AND I can send you a voucher for a free cookie from Max & Erma's.

Come on parents, time to encourage your kids to show what random acts of kindness they can do...or if you have a sweet tooth like me, show off a little bit of your own kind heart.

Here's the schedule for the free cookies and remember, when you get one, you're giving one.

9/23 Monday Tanger Outlets, 11:30
2200 Tanger Blvd, Washington PA

9/24 Tuesday Robinson Town Center, 11:30
100 Robinson Centre Drive, Pittsburgh, PA

9/25 Wednesday South Hills Village, 10am
301 S. Hills Village, Pittsburgh, PA

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