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Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Quiz Winners

There were six entrants into the Birthday Quiz I shared last month. I assigned each entrant a number:

1 - Beth
2 - Erika
3 - Renee
4 - Sandy
5 - Jen
6 - Heather

Then I grabbed the first gift: The Seven Year Pen.

The winner was Renee! Send me your mailing address on Facebook Renee and I will send this out to you. And don't lose's an amazing pen.

The next prize was an iTunes Gift Card! 

And the winner was Erika! She can use this to buy some lovely lullaby albums or maybe some hard core techno. Either one. 

And a personal favorite, prize number three was a copy of Game of Thrones. 

The winner was Sandy! She has a new baby so the chances of reading this big book are slim right now but she can use it as a doorstop until she has more time. 

Congratulations winners and thanks to everyone who looked at my really hard quiz! 

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