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Friday, October 18, 2013

Try It: See's Candies in Pittsburgh

Last night I made a difficult sacrifice and left my husband and boys home alone while I went to an evening event. I don't often like to miss home time in the evenings, but really felt obligated to attend...since they were giving away free chocolate.

See's Candies is all grown up now and instead of a kiosk has just opened a store front on the second level of Ross Park Mall. Me and lots of other chocolate-hungry moms hit the store for a private event and had a blast.

Let's get the party started!
We were greeted with two delicious tastes of chocolate - I was surprised how much I liked the granny apple one. Then we learned about the history of See's Candies and I was able to show off some of my knowledge of Canadian history by wowing the group when I correctly identified Laura Seacord.

I loved the chocolate but I think the ladies' uniforms could be updated just bit. I'm not a fashion designer but I'm sure there's some way to keep the old-school vibe with some new-school looks. My kids did love the free hats I brought home.

Too sweet!

Then came my favorite part: the chocolate box stuffing contest. We learned last night that See's Candies in Los Angeles was the site of the famous I Love Lucy chocolate episode...and we had a chance to try it ourselves! Sporting hairnets and fumbling with those tiny paper cups we raced each other to be the first to get 12 chocolates in a box. I won. Sweet!

Do you deserve some free chocolate?
We received lots of yummy chocolate as take-home gifts and frankly there's too much here for my family to eat on our own. So, I'm giving away some chocolate! Just post a comment below here, on Twitter or Facebook since some of you don't have Google+ accounts that indicates just how badly you want some free chocolate. I'll assign you a number pick names from a cute copper bowl and let you know who the lucky winner is next week! by watching the video below...

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