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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Top 3 for 2013

Michael's top three:
"One is visiting Grandpa's cabin in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, two is fishing in Bermuda, climbing the wall at REI is three. Can we go to REI again?"

Dylan's top three:
"My birthday, Christmas, and all our vacations."

Aidan's top three:
"My Batman Trio blocks, chasing my cousins and shooting an arrow at the Renaissance Faire."

Edward's top three: "The Boston Marathon, my new bike, travel to Bermuda, California, and Michigan." (He tried to sneak starting back up with guitar in there but I had to cut him off at three.)

My top three:
Winning my first awards for writing and completing my first Olympic triathlon are two big favorites for this year. My third? This is going to sound a little melodramatic, but coming home after Boston and having my family safe and sound together again was a big favorite.

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