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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bermuda 2013

We were extremely lucky to have the chance to travel to Bermuda during the Thanksgiving holiday. I know some purists might argue that this holiday is supposed to be about family and turkey, but I assure you we had those. It was possibly one of the best weeks we've had as a family even counting the close quarters and two people vomiting.

We stayed at the Pompano Beach Club on the South Shore in Southampton Parish. I can truly recommend this place as family-friendly. Everyone treated our children so well and our children really enjoyed their time. 

The beach was small but not in a claustrophobic way, more of an intimate way. There were small jetties to calm the waves, the rocky limestone cliffs were rich with hidden caves and my husband and I couldn't resist peeking in some shadowy places wondering if there was undiscovered treasure. 

One evening before dinner we borrowed fishing poles from the front desk and chummed the water with stale bread. Silver fish jumped everywhere in the dark water. We didn't quite know how to use the the rods but me and my youngest landed a tiny little yellow snapper! He was ecstatic. 

So much of the island inspired stories and phrases in my mind, not the least of which was the sargassum dotting the beach. I read nine books during this trip! It was heavenly. I also received a book as a gift, written by a man from Bermuda. It was not the best book I ever read but it is truly unforgettable. 

An important element of who I am was tested during this trip. I threw up on the fishing trip. I don't know for sure if it was seasickness or my turn with the flu bug that had made life miserable for my older son two days prior, but I threw up nonetheless. It was humiliating for a moment, but I felt so much better afterward that I was actually relieved it happened. 

The fishing trip was really a highlight for almost everyone. The middle guy was insanely excited and totally immune to the pitch of the waves out by the reef. He thought Captain Bobby was a superhero and buzzed around the little boat like crazy. I think the excitement of catching the fish really hit him hard because at dinner he ate the fish we caught!! This is my picky eater, who downed two servings of grilled fish pulled straight from the Atlantic. 

So many moments, so many memories happened this week. It was a real gift, and really filled me with gratitude. It was truly a time where I felt thankful and I was not wrapped up in the traditions or whether things were better or worse than the year before. I wasn't sneaking in work instead of being with my husband and children. We were all relaxed, living in the moment, playing games and trying new things, testing ourselves with new things and discovering we liked them!

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