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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Running in January 2014

Ok, so my first photo is from a December 2013 run. But the run was so awesome! I felt great and didn't want to leave this photo out.

Dec 24, 15 minute run. Cadence avg up to 87!  23 F.
A little early Christmas present to myself, a run before celebrating Christmas. I was also counting my blessings for the year and borrowed my husband's Boston Marathon hat. I still can't believe what happened there and I'm still thankful every day that we came home safe.

Jan 4, 2014. 16:30 min run, avg cadence 89! About 37 F.
My youngest had his birthday party right before I did this run, and the sun was setting behind me. I was thinking about how the year he was born (2010 was also the year I had surgery to repair my stress urinary incontinence and how that made it possible for me to run - and live life - with confidence again.
Jan 13, rainy but 54F! Almost 20 min and cadence was avg 88
Halfway through the month and my runs were steadily increasing in length of time and distance traveled. I was thrilled with the temperatures for this run but waited too long to get outside and the rain came pouring down. No matter, it was a great run.

Jan 20, 35F but icy rain. Avg cadence 89!
Pretty excited about this run despite the tiny stinging ice particles that hit me in the face. Look at that steady orange line.  I struggle to keep my cadence up when I go up hill, and it picks up when I go downhill. But I feel like my body is learning the rhythm, which is important since my iPhone turned off during today's run and I didn't have the metronome in my ear. That happens a lot when I run in the cold.

Take that, polar vortex.
One of my last runs of January 2014 was on the infamous -30F day. I went outside briefly and decided it wasn't that cold and needed to get away from crazy snow day kids. I ran. 

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