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Friday, February 14, 2014

Secret of a Happy Marriage

Recently, a sex therapist asked me for advice.

I gave her three suggestions, and her enthusiastic response was "Those are amazing ideas!"

Of course I was giving her ideas on promoting her practice. She has time to take on new clients and her print advertising wasn't working. But she's a therapist, not a marketer, so a friend of hers suggested she call me.  We had a great talk about reaching out to bloggers, getting more active on social media and even trying some technology like podcasting to share her expertise. She loved these ideas because they were specific and not too far outside her comfort zone.
Serious fun.

Somehow in conversation it came up that I was married to my high school sweetheart and we would celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this July. So then she asked me, "What's the secret?"

I was really caught by surprise. What's the secret to my happy marriage?

The first answer that popped into my head was "We have so much fun together."

Later, I asked my husband his answer. He said, "Trust."

I kept thinking about her question. There were a lot of answers that seemed to fit. We're lucky in many parts of our life. We don't have serious financial or health concerns. Those things can make it harder to be happy. But even people who face those challenges have happy marriages.

Is there one secret? Probably not. Probably it's a combination of factors.

But another idea hit me (while running) about happy marriages. People need to be happy with themselves. If they aren't happy with themselves, it's very hard to be happy in a relationship with someone else.

So now I want to hear what you think is the secret of a happy marriage.

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