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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Healthy Eating Contest Winner!

Chia seeds: Not just for pets

Back in February, my family went on a personal tour of Market District in the Village of Pine to learn more about healthy eating. One of the new foods I learned about was chia seeds, and now I add them to one glass of water or serving of yogurt a day. They have antioxidant properties, but for my sports nutrition needs they are good for hydration.

After that tour, I asked readers to share their hardest parts of eating healthy. Everyone who shared a challenge was entered to win a free 'Healthy Eating' with a Dietitian at one of the Pittsburgh Market District locations and a $50 gift card when they come for the tour. 

People shared some tough challenges. From the downward spiral caused by M&Ms to the call of dessert, to hating cooking, to running around with kids, finding healthy options for vegans and finally the lure of dance dressing as a condiment, each person faces a unique challenge. You can read their comments here.

One of my private challenges is the late night snack. At the end of a long day, when I'm relaxing and reading, or watching grown-up television, I love me some chips and queso. 

All of the answers were great so I'm glad I decided to use Rafflecopter to randomly choose a winner. That winner is Susan Paff! 

Susan will be in touch with the dietitians at Giant Eagle to schedule her personal tour and to spend her $50 Market District gift card wisely. I encourage her not to buy ranch dressing with it. 

Stay tuned as I get back in touch with the dietitians myself to find some answers to the other challenges!

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