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Friday, March 28, 2014

Irritating health complaints

I'm going through this period of weird health challenges. Nothing major, no chronic illness. But a sort of tiny accumulation of irritating and stressful things.

This photo has nothing to do with
my actual problems but accurately depicts how I feel.
1. Vertigo. I experienced this very mildly for a total of three days last week! It really lingered this time. Usually it hits hard for a day, I drink water and nap and by the next day it's gone. This time it was kind of haunting me, hitting me at weird moments. At least it was an excuse not to bend over and pick up toys. There's nothing really to be done about this except Epley maneuvers, and those make me go all crazy and wobbly and scary twitchy in the eyeballs. I've already seen a cool vertigo specialist about this.

2. Itchy, irritated red skin under my eyes. Not only is it tough to read my laptop, my phone, books, talk to people, drive and watch TV, it plain looks bad. I have these puffy, red bags under my eyes. The puffy skin is of course wrinkling in my laugh lines. I feel really self-conscious about this situation. I don't know what's causing this. I've tried a lot of home treatments for this, including Aquaphor, cortisone (super models use it, said my friend), coconut oil (it cures everything, said my same friend) and Claritin. Nothing seemed to work. I'm now seeing an allergist next week.

3. Itchy, irritated skin behind my ears. I'm not sure what's causing this, either. I thought it was a new shampoo. Then I thought it was my wireless ear phones. Then I thought it was earrings. I have no idea. I put some Aquaphor back behind my ears, too, but that didn't seem to do much. I stopped wearing my headphones. It's kind of gone away, but not quite. I'm going to ask the allergist about this, too.

4. Recurring breakout under my chin. I don't know why I get a break-out right under my chin. It's not like I'm drooling all the time. I guess it's better than a big breakout across my forehead or something, it but it never goes away! I wash, I exfoliate, I moisturize. I've even used my Metrogel (for rosacea) and that sometimes helps. I'm seeing a dermatologist about this.

5. My right foot. When I run, my right foot more often than not will start tingling, then buzzing, then my toes go numb and hurt. I thought I had a neuroma, but then I ran totally pain free on March 24, for 30 minutes. Absolutely NO PAIN. I saw the doctor today who told me I have no neuroma. He dug into my foot hard and said if I did have one, I'd hit the ceiling. I was fine. He actually said my foot was structurally beautiful. And it felt like I got a great massage. But then I could only run 17 min on March 25 until the buzzing tingle started. I'm trying to readjust my foot strike but who knows. This problem isn't always here, but it's not totally gone. It's lingering.

All of these things are lingering………… but like the Bison says, I should be grateful it's not worse, right?

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