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Friday, August 22, 2014

Glowgolf Review and Giveaway!

Have you seen the new Glowgolf place near Ross Park Mall on McKnight Road? We drive by it frequently and my kids begged me to take them there. Right after school got out we attempted to visit but they weren't open yet. Later on in the summer we headed back and finally got our glow on. 

And since you're here reading this post, you get a chance to get some glow on, too because I'm giving away free passes!

Finding Glowgolf is easy. Head up McKnight Rd and take the first entrance into the mall. Don't head toward Ross Park Mall - Glow Golf is in a building outside the main mall area that used to be a furniture store. (How's that for Pittsburgh-style directions? "You know where the old furniture store was?")

Right inside the doors the boys were eager to try the Laser Maze. We had to buy tokens since Laser Maze was not included in the golf price, but my two oldest were really excited to try it out. The staff explained how Laser Maze works: You put in your token, select your skill level and then try to move through the maze of lasers to touch a glowing button at the other side of the small, dark room. Then you have to make your way back and touch a glowing button near the entrance. Spectators watch you move through the maze on a small television. My older boys did this three times each. They really wished the room was bigger so the maze could be longer.
Neon clothes are a must! 
Then we moved on to golfing. We picked clubs and the staff person explained how to charge up your golf ball so it has extra-super glow. Frankly, the younger boys were a bit more interested in finding the glow charging stations than golfing, but they did golf. Sometimes. There are three different courses, but they weren't named when we were there so I can't actually tell you which one we did. Some of the holes were pretty challenging but I tried to push the boys to think about angles and vectors. No summer slide for us! Each boy got a hole-in-one at some point along the course. 

Glow Bracelets were included

The great parts about Glowgolf are the air conditioning, the indoor bathrooms, the lack of insects and the lack of weeds where one might lose a ball. The tough parts were the fact that at the time we went, there was no real guide on how to follow our assigned course, so we ended up doing hole 12 a few times because we wandered onto the other courses. Also, despite the few glow art pieces the interior really does still look like a furniture store. But the staff assured me when the glow tape they ordered arrived the courses would be better marked. And my kids didn't care that it looked like we were in a furniture store at all.

The Spinning Starfish was a tough hole
Glowgolf is great for days when the weather keeps you inside (like, this entire summer??) and it really does offer a fun afternoon or evening getaway. I think there is a lot of room for setting more of a scene and ambiance, but again that's me being picky. My kids didn't care at all. And we received Frequent Player Cards (fifth game is free!) and $1.00 off coupons for our next visit. Here's what the boys said:

Youngest: "Really cool."
Oldest: "Awesome!"
Middle: "Kinda good. The golf balls didn't stay glowing long enough. I had to keep recharging mine."

If your kids are restless and need a recharge, I'm giving away two free passes to Glowgolf on McKnight Road. Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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