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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Make Mom Friends (Hint: Get to The Mom Con!)

I love being a mom. Most of the time it's incredible, with some definite tough spots. You know what else is tough? Making mom friends. There are so many chances for me to bring up my opinions on a topic important to moms and offend someone.
  • I have mom friends who don't vaccinate their kids and mine get every shot offered.
  • My kids love almost all kinds of meats and I have mom friends who are serious vegans.
  • I take my kids to CCD, and I have a mom friends who tell their kids God doesn't exist.
  • I have mom friends who give their kids smartphones and tablets of their own and my kids have strict time limits on screen devices.
  • I have mom friends who adamantly only breastfeed and other mom friends who wouldn't even try breastfeeding.
  • I have mom friends who believe spanking is discipline and other mom friends who literally never run out of patience or yell at their kids. 
  • I have mom friends who delight in homeschooling and unschooling, ones who rage against Common Core and other mom friends who don't make their kids finish homework. 
  • I volunteer for a Moms Demand Action and ask if there are guns in homes when my children are invited for playdates while other moms take their kids hunting!
Do you see the mine field I'm walking here? 

Despite these potential obstacles, I still feel like I need mom friends. And that's why I'm going to The Mom Con. 

The Mom Con is happening right in Pittsburgh, PA on November 14 and 15 at Pittsburgh Marriott North.
I've already attended one pre-event meet up of moms who will be at The Mom Con and I'm thrilled to be involved. There are all kinds of moms in the world. But I'm the kind of mom who likes to model the behavior I expect from my children, and one thing I expect us all to do is treat others with respect even if we disagree. I also like to model understanding where people are coming from and how to have a thoughtful conversation with someone who has different opinions.

This is what The Mom Con is all about. Read this description:
"The Mom Con is a day to get inspired by our speakers, empowered with new ideas, and connect with each other in real life. It’s a place for creative + motivated moms to be who they really are."
Interested? Start following them on Twitter and Facebook to get event updates.

There is a definite gap in friendship with many of the mom friends I've made. It's so hard to navigate these relationships. I've even broken-up with mom friends! But I also know I won't learn anything about myself or about others if I stay at home, head buried in the sand, making snarky comments on Twitter. It's important to meet other moms, to try and see their perspective. 

There are some things I won't ever tolerate, like moms who smoke around their kids, letting my kids go to a home where there are guns, and parents who actively perpetuate racism and sexism. 
But there are things I can learn more about, like homeschooling and food choices. There are going to be lots of moms sharing their unique perspectives at The Mom Con and I'm really excited to attend with an open mind and learn new things. I also look forward to making some new friends.

What about you? Do you want to make some new friends, be inspired and empowered? Good! You can join me at The Mom Con at a discount by registering with the code momcon5off. Or you can enter to win two free tickets by entering the Rafflecopter giveaway below! 
This content has been sponsored by the Mom Con.  However, all opinions remain my own.  #momswhorock #themomcon

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