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Friday, December 12, 2014

Kids Need Health Insurance! Healthy Together Can Help

What's worse than a sick kid? A sick kid without health insurance.

This week I participated in the Healthy Together Thank You party hosted by at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Here's the first main thing I learned:

Currently, there are approximately 9,000 uninsured children and youth in classrooms and childcare centers across Allegheny County, and almost 2,000 of these children reside in the city of Pittsburgh. Most qualify for but are not enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP. According to research, these children are five times more likely to have an unmet medical concern and three times more likely to not have access to necessary medication such as asthma inhalers. (Source)
The mascot for this campaign is Enrollobot, a cool link to the robotics aspect of Pittsburgh. You can check out #enrollobot on Twitter to read about more aspects of this campaign and see who else is involved. When I brought home some Enrollobots for my kids to color we talked about healthy insurance and why kids need it. We've been pretty lucky in my family health-wise and health insurance-wise.

Not everyone is as lucky. My friend Dr. Debi Gilboa has first hand experience with families that face the challenges of taking care of their children without health insurance. These families are making the tough choices that no one should have to make.

But I also learned there are systems in place in our city to get these kids covered. Healthy Together is a plan to get the eligible children enrolled in healthcare programs. Our new mayor, Bill Peduto is partnering with Allies for Children, Consumer Health Coalition, Allegheny County Health Department and other organizations to make this happen. Also, the city received a $200,000 from the National League of Cities to fund this effort.

Check out this message from Mayor Peduto:

So how do you get an eligible child enrolled? Call 2-1-1 and get connected to the Consumer Health Coalition.

Need to learn more? Visit the Healthy Together website.

And if you really, really need a robot to color, get one here!

Sometimes I write sponsored posts about issues that matter to me. This post is sponsored by Allies for Children, because keeping kids healthy is important to our entire community.

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