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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cooking With Kids

Do you want your kids to try more foods? Then get them into the kitchen and let them have some fun helping you experiment with new recipes. We have a lot of fun looking on Pinterest and Facebook at usual and unusual recipes throughout the year. I don't wait for special occasions to try things, because that adds too much stress to the process. Sometimes when I have a few minutes free I'll grab an iPad and a kid and drag them into the kitchen to help me. Yes, they chop with real knives and cook on the real stove. I'm there supervising and they are learning kitchen safety and self-confidence! Here are some of the more and less successful kitchen experiments we've tried.

Pumpkin soup in a pumpking was fun to make, but burned and didn't taste as great for the boys as it smelled. But it was nice to remind them pumpkins are food, not just decorations. 

Pomegranates were a huge hit here for their teeny tiny tanginess. Also we had visited the city of Grenada in Spain this summer, so it tied in nicely to cultural lessons and family memories. 

Serving new foods in tiny bowls can make it lots more fun. 

A pumpkin pie made from scratch was also a fun experiment, and a good lesson in handling mistakes. We had one of the ingredients wrong the first time around. 

Peeling potatoes isn't a chore for a kid who's never tried it before. Also, he isn't a fan of eating the peel, so this gave him some control over preparing the food the way he prefers, which meant he ate more of it! 

Mashing by hand isn't something you can do everyday, but he loved creating this simple dish for the entire family. 

Some recipes are really visually exciting. This lovely tomato, mozzarella, and basil wreath is made of my son's favorite foods and was a chance for him to contribute to the family Christmas party. 

Don't forget to record the new foods your child makes, tries, loves, hates, invents or discovers! 

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