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Monday, February 16, 2015

Helicopter Mom

I work very hard not to be a helicopter mom and try to let my kids take reasonable risks and learn from their mistakes. I'm not letting my kids cross the highway Frogger-style but I do try to let them learn some lessons the hard way and sometimes they do get hurt.

Despite my cavalier attitude toward danger, there is one thing I can't resist protecting my children from. Bad candy.

We travel a lot and often stop in convenient stores. We've been in convenient stores all over the US and Europe. And there is bad candy in every single store. It's not just that I hate wasting my money on that crap, I just want to save them from all the awful candy I've eaten throughout the years.

My oldest wanted to try Mallow Cups. UGH. No way.

The middle one wanted Fruit Stripe gum and Necco wafers. VERBOTEN.

The little guy loves Tic Tacs and Mentos, which are fine, but he also claims he doesn't like chocolate. Is he nuts?

I'm just not willing to let them suffer from the same mistakes I made as a kid! Judge me if you must. But some food experiments just aren't worth it. Trust me.

I've started listening to The Sporkful podcast hosted by Dan Pashman. In a recent episode he cautioned against giving people advice on how to cook their Thanksgiving turkeys or live their lives.

He had an episode before Thanksgiving where a food science expert recommended spatchcocking a turkey for best results. Now Dan is very particular about how he cooks and eats foods. His goal is always ultimate taste. He took a risk and ordered a spatchcocked turkey from the turkey farm, then panicked and regretted it. But it was too late, the backbone was out of the turkey. Dan went ahead and cooked the spatchcocked turkey and his whole family loved it, so the risk paid off.

I say good for you, Dan. I truly believe that we need to take risks and try new things when it comes to food and cooking. But that wonderful podcast hasn't changed my opinion at all on crappy candy. Sorry kids, but I said no Tootsie Rolls and I mean it.

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