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Saturday, March 14, 2015

National Craft Month is March

March is National Craft Month! And St. Patrick's Day is a week away, so I thought I'd share a fun little craft project I made for my kids.

I'm going to warn you, it's nothing fancy. It's nothing elaborate. You can make it fancy or you can keep it simple.

I love trying new crafts. I even love doing crafts with my kids. I love working with my hands, to a point. In the spirit of full disclosure, I admit my projects are not expert-level quality. I start with the best of intentions, but I do get distracted. And sometimes I don't have all the skills needed for a project. Or supplies. So while I'm not a total disaster, I have definitely produced my share of Pinterest-fail level projects.

Sometimes I actually do ok.

Wait, you want to hear about some of my failed crafts? OK, here's a cereal pinecone that didn't go so well.

The original looks so cool. You can see it on my Crafts I wish I Could Do board. And even though I kind of screwed up a knitting project, it actually turned out to be a success. But these little beads made from leftover glowstick parts and duct tape came out ok!And as you all know, kids love to copy parents. My middle son loves doing crafts, too, and has some simple instructions on a craft featuring underwear.

Ok on to the simple St. Patrick's Day craft. We're going to make a shamrock! The supplies you need are: green chenille stems. We called them pipe cleaners growing up, but the modern term is chenille stems.

Step one: Start with a green chenille stem.

Step 2: Make a circle at one end.

Step three: Wrap the long end around again and make another circle. If the first loop is too big, you can fix it! Just start over and curve it smaller!

Step four: Use the long end and wrap it around and make a third circle. It's hard to describe but you might have to do some intertwining and twisting around to secure the chenille stem in place.

If the stem is too long, you can wrap it around inside the center circle again to tighten things up. BUT:
If you leave the stem long, you can curve it into a spiral and make a shamrock pencil topper. You can also use a long stem to make a ring and wear this little shamrock on your finger.

Good luck with this simple craft.

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