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Monday, April 27, 2015

Try It: Nemacolin Winter Weekend

This winter, we were so lucky to escape the freezing cold in Pittsburgh and head south to the freezing cold at Nemacolin. Our little winter weekend was an amazing family escape that gave each of us the chance to try some new adventures!

We fought our way through Friday afternoon rush hour traffic and finally arrived at Falling Rock in the late evening. The butlers at Falling Rock were an incredible surprise. They treated our tired family with a little celebratory bubbly to start the weekend right.

The main reason for our trip was to try dog sledding. No one in the family has ever done this activity, so we were all curious and excited about how it would go. Books play a big role in our household, and we caught the dog sledding bug after reading a book in the Puppy Place series. Saturday morning we were up early and layered on our warm clothes. The temps were close to zero, but nothing was going to keep us from those husky pups.

A shuttle took us from Fallingrock to the Wildlife Center where we met a few other animals like a giant tortoise and a guinea pig (which also connected well with the new book we were reading, Guinea Dog!)

One sled could not carry our entire family, so we split the ride. I went first with the middle and the little. Even though our youngest is nervous around dogs, he was still excited to jump into the sled.

We cruised over the sparkling snow, up and down hills, and even with the icy wind hitting our faces the ride was a delight. Halfway through the ride my husband jumped into the sled with our oldest. I told my boys we were super lucky to go on this adventure, and I knew they loved it when my youngest said he couldn't wait to bring his kids!

After the ride we headed back to Fallingrock to warm up in a bath drawn by the butlers. The boys loved the warm, lavender scented water and then they settled in with their dad to watch some soccer while I enjoyed a fantastic 90 minute massage at the Woodlands Spa.

Our late afternoon activity involved more snowy adrenaline: twilight snow tubing! The older boys had snow tubed here a few years ago, but this was the first time for the youngest. I admit I was a little nervous sending the five year old down the hill, but he did amazing! My husband decided not to ride, but me and the boys had some seriously fun runs with lots of shouts and yells.

The boys were wiped out after the day full of activities. We ordered room service for dinner and settled them in front of the television to watch some episodes of Treehouse Masters (getting ready for our April adventure). A sitter stayed with the boys while my husband and I headed out to a grown-ups dinner at Lautrec.

Oh Lautrec. We dined there several years ago and had an incredible meal with fantastic company, my husband's brother and his wife. It was just me and my best friend this time, and we decided to indulge in the caviar. Best decision ever.

This wasn't my first time eating caviar, but it was my first time enjoying it in this presentation. I'm going to sound like I'm gushing here, but I adored this dish. I adored the teeny tiny blinis and the little potato cakes and the pumpernickel toasts. I adored topping the caviar with egg and sour cream and chives and red onions. Each bite was a mini-sparkler burst of flavor. The elements of color, savory, delicate tastes, and the excellent company made this the most enjoyable part of dinner. I know I ate other things that night, but the caviar dish was unforgettable.

Sunday morning we enjoyed breakfast at Fallingrock and checked out of our room with a little bag full of bubble bath as a gift from our butlers. We spent a little time at the arcade and then headed back to regular life in Pittsburgh. But this weekend getaway recharged us all and gave us fantastic family memories.

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