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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Balayage Live Blog!!

Inspired by my friend's live blog of Bloomsday, an event celebrating one of the most challenging literary accomplishments in history, I'm live blogging my new hair style!! 

Yes, this is not literary. It's hair. But it sounds French. It's 10:25 and we've selected the color. We is actually Lauren, my super stylist who I trust with all hair-related decisions. 

10:33 balayage is freehand highlights. I have no hair skills but Lauren does. 

10:35 Lauren is going to the Riverhounds game tonight too! I asked her if we can do yellow and blue Hounds color in my hair and she pretended not to hear me. 

10:37 I realize I forgot to ask Lauren's permission to discuss her in my blog. 

10:42 it dawns on my I don't have cash to tip Lauren. She is not surprised by this. I still owe her a tip from the haircut she did before vacation. I am the worst client. 

10:43 Lauren assures me I am not her worst client. 

10:54 My hair is still being painted. 

10:58 Lauren leaves to get more cotton. I snap this sneaky photo before she returns. 

10:59 Lauren's back and my conscience demands that I tell her about the photo I took. She's fine with it and I feel better. 

11:00 Desperado is on the radio now. The previous song was Sweet Home Alabama and before that was DMB and before that was the song that was played at the end of that one Simpsons episode. I don't know the name but it starts "anyway you want it, that's the way you got it." I can't grasp the genre of this station.  

11:02 My husband texts me that the Hounds want a gold out tonight. Now I'm stressed to find a gold shirt when I leave here. 

11:05 Lauren clues me in on the show Married at First Sight. Insane. 

11:08 I discover this description of balayage. Then I wonder if Lauren recommended this because I'm going grey!!! 

Lauren denies my accusation. She says in a comforting tone that I only have one grey hair. 

11:41 Processing. 

11:47 I'm bored so I dig through my purse. I find some Smarties from Canada and my American flag sunglasses. 

Abby Wombach shared photos of her new hair color on Instagram. Thinking about Abby just makes me
Mad at the dumb commentators who said she was using turf as an excuse.  Hardly. 

11:48 Cotton falls out of my hair. I wonder if I should hide it before Lauren sees it. 

12:09 I manage to complete all the steps necessary to send Lauren her tips (both of them) via PayPal. I'm pretty sure she's not mad at me. 

12:14 Toner. 

12:20 Scanning Instagram and I discover the WafflerTruck will be on McKnight Road today! Could this day get any better?! 

12:22 Lauren offers to style my hair curly. Yay! 

12:23 Lauren reminds me balayage is great for people who don't pay attention to their hair (like me) because it grows out looking very natural. No sharp lines like with foil highlights!! She doesn't mention grey hair. 

12:29 Another stylist walks by and Lauren tells her she did balayage. The other stylist says "Oooo!" Don't be jelly. 

12:32 It's going to rain tonight! My cool
new balayage hair will be covered by my non-stylish poncho hood. Boo. #firstworldproblems

12:38 Radio now playing Hotel California.
Lauren told me my hair curls nice. She's so nice but I already sent my tip. 

12:39 I feel the need to clarify that was a joke and I love Lauren! 

12:50 I just finished snooping on people via Facebook and glanced up at my hair. 
Half and half! 

12:51 I meant to do some writing work while I got my hair done. Fail. This is kind of like writing. I did clean out my purse and gave Lauren the last Twizzler in the pack my kids bought. It would only cause fights because there are thee of them and only one Twizzler. I couldn't eat it because Twizzlers are disgusting. And I'm saving room for WAFFLES. 

12:58 It's been almost 3 hours. Was it worth it?


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