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Thursday, July 16, 2015

What does the Hawk Say?

Warning! This post has a gross photo of a dead rabbit. For realz.

We have a lot of bird action at my house. Not pet birds, birds doing their thing out in nature. One boy compared being at our house to being at the Aviary. Bird poop on the porch railings, birds destroying our window screens to make their nests, and my ever-present guardian hawk.

Remember my guardian hawk?

I was hard at work today on an article about female sports stars from Pittsburgh and about to switch gears to a revision of a short story that one of my number one top target magazines thought was a "hoot" (more bird action) but needed a little revision. Though I was in a total groove I kept getting distracted by a crazy commotion - no a cacophony - of hawk sounds in the backyard. Not just regular hawk calls, but some really loud screams and then high-pitched scratchy screeches, lots of blue jay chatter and it all sounded really loud and close. And it went on for awhile.

Ok, ok, I thought. You want my attention. I'll be right outside.

I finished my sentence and grabbed my bird-watching binocs. But once I got to the backyard, it was quiet. No sound. I saw the hawk swooping behind the trees off to the west. I scanned the area a little longer, but even the bossy jays had departed or else finally gotten tired of bossing every other bird in the place.

Turning around to return home, I found it!!! It's like Watership Down in my freakin' backyard!!


OK, I now I should probably be grossed out by this but I'm not. It's just a dead rabbit. Hawks gotta eat, yo. This was probably supposed to be lunch for my hawk. I don't know why it's still in my backyard, because my guardian hawk is definitely strong enough to carry this bunny. But I realized now that some of those crazy screeches and screams might actually have been from this rabbit. So now I have an idea of what the rabbit says, too. 

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