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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hunger Action Month

September is only a few days away and while it's an important month because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY it's also Hunger Action Month. Last year, thanks to my friend Ali's great idea I recruited friends to join me in the SNAP Challenge for a few days during the month.

I found the SNAP Challenge to be a powerful, memorable experience. Even my kids remember the days I participated and asked if I am doing it this year. But the SNAP challenge isn't without problems. Lots of people don't like the idea of making a game out of the way many Americans have to eat every single day of their lives. I did the challenge because I wanted to take hunger in America seriously, but I'm not doing this year because I'm not sure it led to any real action to help hungry people. It increased my desire to address hunger, but I think I can do more things during the month than just not eat.

I think you can do more, too. There are lots of ways to take action in the month of September. Here are 30 ideas:

Spread the word and invite friends to join you. Visit and learn more about hunger in our community. 

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