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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Temptation Tarts

Our family loves to try new foods from around the world!! 

(Disclaimer: Not everyone in our family likes to try new foods from around the world.)

This company followed me on Twitter. They can read my mind.
I discovered Try the World from either a friend or a sponsored ad on Facebook. I can't actually remember. But I am super-susceptible to subscription gift boxes that deliver surprises every month or so. I love Quarterly (I picked Book Riot), Birchbox, Graze, NatureBox, this baby box company I can't even remember, Stitchfix, and now I have Try The World! 

Try The World sends a box of foods from a country to your house and you get to eat it all!!!! Yum!! Our first box was from Arengtina and although Lionel Messi was NOT included in the box, delicious Argentinian food was. The whole family was delighted. Sweet, creamy dulce de leche, fantastically flavored chimichurri and of course... Membrillo.

Have you had membrillo? You must. It's quince paste. It's fruity, slightly tangy, sweet, and smooth. Lots of people don't know about the quince, but scholars suggest it is the original fruit from the Garden of Eden because of course apples are New World fruits. We usually eat it with manchego cheese but this time i had a HUGE block and wanted to make something really warm and delicious. I wanted to make tarts. 

Since Adam and Eve might have actually tempted and eatin' the quince in Eden, I named these Temptation Tarts. Because tarts can be very tempting.

1. Start by buying puff pastry. Let it thaw a little like the package says. Warm up some yummy goat cheese and spread it aaaallll over. Yeah, like that. 

2. Then slice into that ripe, sweet membrillo. Smooth cuts. Very carefully. Lay it out on the goat cheese nice and gentle. Perfect. 

3. Tuck it in under the next layer of puff pastry. I made some little cuts with a knife here so it would be easier to separate the tarts when they were cooked and stuff them into my mouth individually. 

4. Bake according to some random combination of directions I found on the internet and the puff pastry box. I think I did 350 or 375 for like 15 minutes. Then I put them back in for another 5. Then I toasted one in the toaster oven later like a strudel and that was good, too.


So, so, so, so good.

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