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Friday, August 21, 2015

Try It: Make Some Clay Pottery

My good friend Ali hates doing crafts. But she is a good friend and she knows I enjoy a good crafting session, so for my birthday in 2014 she gave me a gift certificate to Little House, Big Art to try their Introduction to Clay class! 

Ali also knows I love to celebrate my birthday for as long as I can, so we wisely procrastinated on scheduling the class until January 2015. And just to extend the celebration, I'm finally blogging about this in August 2015…you guessed it, just in time for my next birthday! (And this one's a biggie!)

I was super excited for this class even though we had to scale a road that traveled up the sheer cliff face of Spring Hill. We arrived one snowy day and had the studio and instructor (also named Elizabeth) to ourselves. 

So we begin with a simple lump of clay. Very existential. 

I must admit, I don't know how to use a pottery wheel. My sculpting experience is limited to fun little creations I have made with Sculpey!

Like this melting snowman above or these happy little peas below! 

But I had recently read an excellent middle grade book called A Single Shard about ancient Korean pottery. It was so excellent I wanted to try my hand at a wheel. So off we went.

It was intense. Our teacher made it look easy. So did my friend.

At first it went well. 

See that? Got my hands dirty. 

Things were rolling along. I pushed my thumb in and got a little pot going. That wheel was spinning and the pot was growing. It looked so nice and symmetrical. Then I flubbed it up. 

Well, I tried. 

I don't have a future as a traditional Korean potter but the book is still amazing. Read it. What has a book ever inspired you to try??

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