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Thursday, December 10, 2015

End of the Year Resolutions

This sunset is a symbol for a beautiful End Of The Year!

I am trying something new this year: End Of The Year Resolutions! I'm excited about this for several reasons.

1. I can't even remember what my New Year's Resolution was for 2015. It was too long ago. Was it to lose weight? Write more? Read more? Who knows. But making an End Of The Year Resolution means I only have to remember it for a few weeks.

2. Positive reinforcement. If I get it done before the 2015 ends, I will feel great and start the new year off right!

3. Less chance for failure. I'm probably going to pick something measurable and doable and I will probably get it done and feel very successful. This is basically the same reason as #2.

4. I'm impatient. Why wait until the New Year to make a resolution. I'll make one now and get it done!

5. New Year's Resolutions are all about starting new good habits and breaking old bad ones. One of my biggest bad habits is procrastination. If I wait until the New Year to make a resolution, that's just MORE procrastination. So I'm going to start now.

I'm not even sure I will make a New Year's Resolution for myself! Setting an overarching goal for an entire year is just too overwhelming for me. I like to break things down into small, manageable projects with time limits.

I do have one goal for 2016 for our family, and that's to help us all use a friendly, kind, calm voice the first time we respond to someone, even if we're frustrated or upset.  I've just been hearing a lot of angry voices for the simplest, smallest things and I think we can all do better with that around here. But I can't really control my kids, I can only ask them to control themselves, so I don't think that would be a very useful resolution for me to make. Resolutions are about my behavior, not other people's, so while I can work on that with my family I think it would be unfair to myself to pin the success of my resolution on others.

End Of The Year Resolutions

My friend Ali does a big sweep through her house and cleans it out before the new year. My husband set a goal of getting rid of broken piece of tech that's been sitting around here forever before the end of the year. I am totally inspired by these resolutions, so now I need to think of one for myself.

Wrapping up a good year of volunteering.
We have plans for more in 2016!

I love the idea of cleaning house, both physically and metaphorically. I like the idea of getting some big project over and done, starting off the new year strong. As I run through my mental checklist, though, I've already tackled some big things recently:

  1. I've got some old furniture ready to be consigned. I could finish up that project.
  2. I recently did a decent clean-up of our storage room and could finalize a clean-out of that. 
  3. My charitable giving game has been strong.  Financially we've supported our local food bank all year. I donated a lot of toys, clothes (and food) to local charities. We just did a big 3 hour volunteer stint for the Food Bank. 
  4. My running and eating are on track for my goals so I don't need to make changes there, just maintain. 
  5. I've almost completed my goal of reading 100 books in a year, so that's good. 

Some ideas:

  1. Write the first draft of that bee story that's been buzzing around my brain. Is this too selfish? It would feel great to get it done. 
  2. Vacuum the dusty corners of bedrooms. So boring. But necessary. Kind of traditional to clean the joint up for the new year. 
  3. Clean out the youngest's room. Especially the crazy closet and his insane sock drawer. He does turn 6 in the new year. Might be nice to start fresh. 

None of those spark a lot of interest in me except the bee story. That would really feel like a big accomplishment, so I guess that's they way to go unless anyone else comes up with an amazing suggestion!

What would be your End Of The Year Resolution if you could make one?

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