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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hybrid Advent Calendar

Our family typically does those cardboard chocolate Advent calendars around the holidays.

But last year, on a whim, I purchased a reusable Advent calendar after Christmas was over. Deep discount. I imagined that instead of buying and then recycling three calendars each year I'd just tuck candy in the little drawers and we'd all be happy!

And then in October, I stumbled upon a Random Acts of Kindness Advent calendar from the website "Coffee Cups and Crayons." and imagined my kids doing these excellent community and family service activities and learning compassion and caring. But then I read the activities and realized I'd be doing most of the work. And then lost the calendar I printed.

So I went back to the candy. I bought it at Target. I brought the candy home and discovered it wouldn't fit in the drawers.

This was going poorly.

I pondered hiding bags of candy around the house and putting clues in the boxes so the boys could find the hidden candy but then I thought, "good lord why??"

After eating some of the candy, I decided to go a little less crazy and make a hybrid of my original two ideas.

I modified some of the good deeds and cut up old Christmas cards and wrote the good deeds on the slips of card stock and wedged them into the little drawers. Should take my kids a good twenty minutes to fish them out.

Let Advent begin!

I put all the candy in an old Christmas cookie jar. The activities I wrote are all things my kids can do on their own.  They can do the good deeds and get the candy. I will also be able to do the good deeds and enjoy some candy.

Cho-ho-ho-clate is the candy of choice. 

But I still liked the idea of my boys doing some of the bigger good deeds. I like my kids to aim high. This is the season of giving. I could encourage the boys to give to other people and I could give them a sense of compassion. So I gave in and printed the fancy calendar and I will hang it up and let my kids decide which of the bonus activities they feel inspired to try.

A friend also shared this link to another set of excellent activities kids can do to spread the love and show some kindness from the website 100 Days of Real Food.

Get your own copy of the Random Acts of Christmas Kindness calendar from Coffee Cups and Crayons.
Random Acts of Kindness Calendar

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