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Monday, February 1, 2016

The Monthly Subscription Box is My Addiction

Oh, how I love thee, specially-curated, globally-themed monthly subscription box! Oh, how irresistible it is to receive hand-selected items, ingeniously packed in some kind of handwoven fibrous material, waiting at the door when I come home from a hard day of driving around suburbia and the high-priced coffee in my insulated mug has gone cold.

Some time ago, when I told myself I was still in control, I cancelled a bunch of my monthly box subscriptions, including one for baby toys that was such a good deal even though my "baby" was a year too old for it. I cancelled my Birchbox, I cancelled my NatureBox subscription, my Stork box and my Quarterly subscription (where I got a box from Bookriot every three months and loved it). I quit cold turkey.

Banned Books mug from BookRiot,
(controversial) ripped denim shorts from Stitchfix

I was clean for awhile. But that stuff calls to your blood. It won't let you go.

I started small. A few ounces of healthy snacks from Graze every few weeks. Then I heard about Kiwi Crate and it's age appropriate art and science activities and signed up FOR THE KIDS. It wasn't even for me, I told myself as I rearranged stacks of incomplete art and science activities the kids didn't want to do with me.

Screen printed french bulldog
on navy blue knapsack from Doodle Crate

And there's a lot to be learned about the world from our Try the World subscription. We are learning about geography and music and we're eating such tasty, tasty food. And I rationalized that StitchFix was saving me money in the long run because I wasn't driving all over town to find high-priced clothes that sort of fit that I wouldn't wear really anywhere.

My first okonomiyaki,
from the Japan Try the World box

I prided myself for being smart enough and tough enough to resist DarbySmart, a craft subscription service. And I laughed at their attempts to lure me back to the dark side. (Also, I was really enjoying those kid-level crafts from Kiwi Crate.)

I thought I tough. I thought I was safe.

But then, on a day my defenses were down, the demons came to call and showed me an online ad for  The Artisan Gift Box. And I CLICKED ON THE LINK. And I saw all these happy people with their hand-crafted goods from around the world that are lifting people out of poverty and the products arrive in colorful hand-woven baskets!!!!!!!!!!! I could re-gift the colorful hand-woven baskets!!!!!

And then I wept for I saw how weak I truly am.

It's ok. I know I have a problem. And I'm ready to work on it.

I've cancelled Graze. Cancelled. Even though they offered to "put it on hold."

I cancelled Kiwi Crate, but I had already paid for a year subscription so we'll get a few more boxes and then say farewell. I haven't ordered from Stitchfix in a long time. And Try the World, well, I can only say we're keeping that one. How else would my oldest know he likes jackfruit?  I can't deny him that kind of knowledge. What kind of mother would I be?

P.S. Lots of these services do make excellent gifts. Here are links to my favorites:

Try the World

BookRiot by Quarterly

Kiwi Crate (we get Doodle and Kiwi)


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