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Monday, February 29, 2016

Things I Don't Know How to Do

I am pretty good at some things but there are plenty of things I don't know how to do. A recent escapade trying to replace a broken refrigerator revealed how many things there really are that I don't know how to do.

In the interests of being honest with my readers I'm going to reveal a good list of things I don't know how to do. Some are key life skills I really feel bad for not knowing. Others are just sort of observations I've made. Feel free to suggest other things I don't know.

  1. Pick out a refrigerator that fits in my kitchen. Apparently one must measure the space before selecting the fridge.
  2. Hang shelves. I tried once. 
  3. Mix drinks. I can drink them, though! And I did recently get a nice lesson on how not to let ice fly all over the kitchen during the shaking bit. 
  4. Change the oil in any vehicle. But I can find the dealership that changes oil.
  5. Gut a fish. I can catch a fish. And I know a bit about putting worms on hooks. 
  6. Change a tire. Probably not know this is more of a problem than the oil-changing skill. 
  7. Computer stuff. I know some "computer stuff." I don't know why my start-up disk is almost full OR what to do about it. 
  8. Cut hair. Sometimes I cut my bangs with trepidation. 
  9. Keepy-uppies. I know the process and the theory. I just can't get past two. 
  10. Bunny hop on a bike. 
  11. Make a cheesecake. I know how to find the information and that one needs a springform pan, I think. But there are probably essential baking skills I don't possess. 
  12. How to fly a plane. 
  13. Paint with oils or effectively use pastels. But I'm a fair doodler. 
  14. Play an instrument with any skill. I can pick out songs on the recorder and maybe a few notes on the piano.
  15. Sing. I mean, I know the words but I can't really sing on my own. Not with actual notes or keys or things like that.
  16. Prune a tree. I think I killed one, actually, cutting it back at the wrong time. 
  17. Gamble effectively in a casino. 
  18. Tap dance. 
  19. How to eat a lobster. I'm honestly not sure. I can clean a crab. But what's the process with the lobster?
  20. Install the little brick patio I want to put in my front garden. 
  21. How to crochet. 
  22. Do any kind of cool hair design. 

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