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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Fearless Friends - The Best Kind of Inspiration

Running has taught me so much and fuels so many parts of my life. That's why I'm so proud to be a 261 Fearless Ambassador and work with Kathrine Switzer and other women runners to spread the word about being fearless. Just like my heroine Kathrine, I see running as my secret weapon that helps me tackle other tough tasks in life.

Parenting getting tough? Tap into your running.

Writing challenges? Tap into your running.

Got fears? Worries? Stress? Running helps.

Running has also helped me find amazing fearless friends who aren't afraid to be kind.

Too often, I think that many people are scared to be kind. Running can bring out the competitive spirit in us and the world of professional writing is no picnic. Many women tear each other down in order to make sure someone else doesn't get ahead of them. I think they worry that sharing some of their inner strength, caring too much, or being too giving might set them up for abuse or mockery or being taken advantage of by others. They might wonder, "if I help that person, will I get less? Or none at all?"

It can be scary to care.

It's easier to just focus on getting the best for ourselves and not worrying about helping others do their best.

But you know what else helps? Amazing friends. Running has helped me build friendships with women who are fearless, too, especially when it comes to sharing their support and kindness.
Luckily, I have some fearless friends in my life who aren't afraid to be kind. Their generosity of spirit inspires me.

Fearless Friends

She's funny, too. 

My friend Beth is an example of one of those friends. She's tough. Believe me. She does roller derby and ran a marathon while pregnant and wrote a non-fiction book in the time it takes most people to read their horoscope.

But she's also kind. She mentored me as I struggled to complete my first NaNoWriMo. She donates to support my charity runs. She stood up against racism and prejudice in her neighborhood. She listens to my fiction and non-fiction ideas and gives honest, but supportive feedback. I can trust her to support me as I try new (scary) things.

It can be scary to trust a friend with our hopes and dreams, just like it can be scary to care for a friend. We should trust in our friends and they in turn can help us trust ourselves.

Kathrine relied on fearless friends to help her stay in her first Boston Marathon, but in the end she had to run the race herself.

We should be fearless with our friendships and our friendships should help us be fearless. What fearless friends have been there for you? Name them here and show them some love!

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