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Thursday, June 9, 2016

2016 Family Road Trip

We started off summer with a family road trip! (Last year we headed to Manitoba.) Part of the reason we left town was to get out of the house during our renovation. Still several more weeks of that to endure, but so far so good.
I don't know what's going on.

The 2016 Road Trip began with what else - a soccer tournament! Our oldest scored two goals and his team, the U11 Riverhounds, had their best tournament performance of the year. My husband and I were also excited to revisit the hotel in Bethesda, MD, where we had our wedding reception. The hotel is older, but we are hotter. Our food highlight here was a return visit to Pistarro's in Frederick.

Next we crossed the Bay Bridge (which both my grandfather and great-grandfather helped build) and headed to Rehoboth Beach where we spent a fun few days golfing, visiting the birds at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel and enjoying lots of ice cream. For me, the Fisher's Popcorn was a food highlight, but I know the kids loved The Ice Cream Store (they chose Feel the Bern) and for my husband it was probably a tie between the chocolate ice cream and Thrasher's Fries. Don't worry, I worked off all that junk with an excellent run around the lovely Gordon's Pond. Highly recommend if you're in Rehoboth. We also acquired three new pets: hermit crabs. 

I forgot to mention funnel cake!

Their names are Marco, Dr. Claw, and Steph Crabby.

Emro the Bird was a big hit


After Rehoboth, we had a quick stop over in Salisbury, MD. My husband and I went for a run together and it was so flat, just like I remember from college. Also in Salisbury, we made our pilgrimage to wonderful (and still free) Salisbury Zoo where this rhea bird just can't even. 


Back on the western shore, our schedule included a baby shower and more family fun. The food highlight of that part of the trip was the visit to T and J's Waffle Truck in Clarksville. I was able to get a good run in here, too, at the Warfield Pond park, which was just an old pond with a swamp when I grew up here.

Ate it too fast to snap a photo

On our way back to Pittsburgh, we took our time and enjoyed a leisurely but more important DELICIOUS lunch at Horn o Plenty freshtaurant in Bedford, PA. If you travel the Turnpike, it's a must-go. 

Watching the fresh bread baking

We also finally visited the Flight 93 Memorial. It was a moving experience and the entire family was very emotional. 

Message from my middle son

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