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Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Do Your Kids Collect?

My middle son started out by collecting soft things when he was two, maybe three.

In his collection was the ribbony edge of his favorite white blankie, some of my t-shirts, and the soft skin between my finger and thumb. 

When he felt something he liked, he rubbed it between his forefinger and thumb and said, "this is in my collection."

 Now he collects coins. At first he only wanted novelty coins, like those extra large pennies you can buy at national park gift shops, but now he's moved on to state quarters, wheat head pennies and buffalo nickels. He also won't throw away the really awful joke-a-day pages from his tear-off calendar. 

The youngest one collects every single thing. Stuffed animals. T-Shirts. Magazine subscription postcards. Notebooks. Novelty socks. 

The older one is collecting cards. Baseball, football, soccer, hockey, pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and more. He also collects small toy animals, pins from different cities we visit, and once I found an enormous pile of gum wrappers in his desk drawer.

I collect books and hate parting with them, even the ones I didn't really enjoy. And my husband collects tech and interesting spirits.

But my middle son's collection of textures can't be gathered into a box or placed on a shelf.

"Where do you keep your collection?" I asked.

"In my heart."

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