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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Board Meeting Live Blog

7:01 - arrived and signed in, had to choose if I was going to make comments based on agenda items at the beginning of the meeting or public comments at the end. 

7:02 we are asked to stand for a moment of silence and for the pledge. I briefly consider going Kapernick. 

7:04 after I stand for pledge (I'm weaker than Kap) we hear from student reps. That's exactly the kind of job I would have wanted in high school. 

7:05 superintendent introduces new online computer systems. He says it's great but I remember hearing from teachers that they are still writing grades on paper because they know other apps like this have deleted data. Hope there are no problems because they fired the computer tech. 

7:07 Super brings up bus problem for the first time. PowerSchool (the app) and ABC Transit apparently can't work together?? No further detail.

7:08 Project Connect is mentioned. We are reassured iPads won't replace teachers. (Yet)

7:09 West View is getting some cosmetic updates. But is this just lipstick on an over enrolled pig?? 

There were a lot of changes this summer according to the super. Perhaps too many?? Or not enough??

7:14 classroom enrollment numbers reviewed. 

7:18 WHOA. Whoa. Super was going to show us what happened if we didn't redistrict. But he zoomed right by the slides!! He didn't go through them. But I did catch a glimpse that Ross 2nd grade would not have 24 students a class. I'll have to review those slides. Hmm. 

7:20 On to busing. Gloria retired. She graciously agreed to stay on. Super met with ABC staff. Today. Is that his first meeting with them?? 
"Revising routes is common" says the super. I revise every day. But their revisions aren't working. It happened every day as the driver revised our bus rote each afternoon. 
Traffic was so bad on day 1, buses couldn't get out of the hilltop. Sounds like a safety hazard in the event of an evacuation. 

7:24 - board member asks how many students might be fraudulently enrolled. Students must "lay their head" in Ross and WV. 

7:28 Ross PTO president asks why 2nd grade has 4 sections with 25 students .

7:29 I go up and embarass myself. I asked these four questions:

- will second grade be at the limit again next year?? 
- how did the district determine what percentage of parents had wifi for 6th grade iPads? Were they really told to use wifi at McDonalds?? 
- what's being done to make sure these busing problems don't continue??
- will the school board advocate for parents about the new ordinance stating they can't park or "wait in line" for their kids?? 

7:49 Friend gets up and asks why kids on her bus are sitting 3-4 to a seat. 

7:51 Another mom gets up and is angry that we are told to call the bus company and when she did she got the run around and transferred to dead end numbers??? 
Are people supposed to leave work early? Late? Over a week. This mom is mad. 

7:55 Ross PTO president doesn't have bus problems but asks why kids who were arriving late were marked tardy. Board DENIES this. Interesting. 

7:59 Board member tells me offline that the township doesn't respect a thing the school board does, doesn't care at all what the school board thinks. Pretty damning. 

8:02 discussion continues about the seeming failures of redistricting. 

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