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Saturday, September 17, 2016

I Miss My Hawk

I had a guardian hawk.

My hawk symbolized soaring over obstacles and taking action. 

My hawk was a good hunter.

But my hawk is missing, and the bunnies are growing bolder.

A guardian rabbit does not seem nearly as intimidating as a guardian hawk.

But these bunnies are not wimps.

There are two that are seen everyday in our yard. This mottled brown one and one with a white stripe. They don't run when we come near. They are very calm, very bold. Especially the one with a white stripe down her nose. She's not scared of anything. She sits out there, daring as the daylight, nibbling on our overgrown weeds and flowers in the middle of our backyard.

I miss my hawk, but I was born in the Year of the Rabbit.

And Rabbit symbolizes abundance, good luck, and the arrival of something new. Perhaps I need to open my mind to the possibility that new things are on the way.

The bunnies are bold. The hawk is missing. Changes are on their way.

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