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Monday, September 12, 2016

Playlist for a Kitchen Renovation

Since the end of May, our first floor has been under renovation. Contractors have been in, out and around our house every day from 8am to 5pm. They work hard and have done a great job, but one thing I have noticed is that each set of contractors has a different musical presence.

The main crew is all about classic rock. Lots of Pink Floyd, Bowie, late Beatles, Paul Simon was in there. Some early big hair bands. Nothing too metal. 

The plasterers came in to fix the ripple textured ceiling. They straddling balance beam scaffolding and stared at the ceiling all day and alt rock was their jam. Not modern alt, but late 90s and early 2000 in the grunge and post-grunge scene. 

Then the painters arrived. They brought with them a country vibe. Cold beer, trucks, cold beer. 

The guys who did our closet were here and gone in less than 2 hours and worked without music.

When the countertops were installed, we got to listen to banjo music. I couldn't tell you if it was by one band or more than one, old or new. But I recognized a banjo. And the countertop guys also wore beards. 

Then the painters came back and painted the outside of the house. This time all I heard was classical music.

For my part, I played NPR and WESA from my iPhone.

The main crew lead, John, asked me one time who my favorite band or kind of music was. I was at a loss. How could I answer this? How could I explain I knew all the words to "Sweet Child O' Mine" and did a great rendition of the Axl Rose dance but also had a blast at The Decembrists and loved singing "Sons and Daughters" at the top of my lungs? I couldn't show him my running playlist that featured a Nicki Minaj song, (Super Bass) an Eminem song, (Without Me) and a Carly Simon song (Nobody Does it Better).

My favorite band or music depends a lot on where I am and what I'm doing.

So I fell back on an old standby and said, "Oh, I like Radiohead."

"Radio who?' he said.

I'm just hoping we've got everything in its right place.

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