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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Am I a Good Parent?

Apparently, I am, based on my Christmas orders for my kids. Because of this creepy thing. Sort of. 

Here is a transcript of my emails to the company and their replies: 

January 01, 2017
Customer comments: I ordered a Manchester City controller skin. Not sure why I received this. 

January 01, 2017
 ------------ Begin message -------------

Dear Elizabeth A Pagel,

Thanks for your message,it says that the item you received is wrong.We sincerely apologize to you.but what we supply is just for one which is the same as the picture show . no Manchester City skin .
In this situation, I hope you can help us to take some photos of the items and package.So I will feedback
to our colleagues that we can improve our work and prevent similar problems.
After we confirmed the details,We will offer you a satisfied solution for this issue after we confirmed the details.Please kindly understand
our procedure.
Please feel free to tell us your opinion.
Looking forward your reply.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Customer Support

January 04, 2017

Hi, thanks for this reply. I am not sure how I ordered this skin, I must have done something wrong. I was looking on Amazon for different football(soccer) team skins for my kids for Christmas. The skin I have is the same as pictured in my Amazon order history, I see that now. Nothing is wrong with it, it’s just not the one I wanted. It’s probably not worth the money to ship it back, so I will just keep it. Thanks. 


January 04, 2017
------------- Begin message -------------

Thank you for your understanding ! Have a nice day ,you are a good parent .

SWEET! Parenting validation!!! People judge parents way too much so it's nice to get some praise now and then. Yes, it's coming from a customer service rep who doesn't actually know anything about me.

I assume the parenting praise is for my gift choice, not for my financial decisions or skill with online ordering. This guy probably imagines that I am ordering the soccer team skins for my kids and I let them play video games all day.

He wishes his parents had ordered him cool soccer team skins for his video game controllers and let him play games all day. But they probably made him do other things, maybe even like art or graphic design, and maybe he even designed that creepy skull image. What if he started the company that made these skins - not likely, I know, but what if - all because his parents wouldn't let him rot his brain on video games?

Maybe they were better parents than me.

But that guy doesn't think so.

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