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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Get Pumped About Breast Pumps and a Prize!

I was reminded about breast pumps years at some recent family holiday gatherings. First, let me be clear that I'm not pregnant. Nope, my youngest turns seven this week, so it's over six years since I last used a breast pump.

Yes, six wonderful years.

breast pumps
Cheers to breast pumps! (and prizes)

I'm still grateful for powerful little breast pump that helped me feed all three kids. I loved my pump, and there is a vast selection of breast pumps for women now. But I'm also grateful to have that time back. And that's why I agreed to host a giveaway for a $50 gift card in a chat about breast pumps here on my blog!! More on that in a minute, so keep reading.

Back to pumps.

Breast pumps are great, aren't they? Pumping was a little easier than nursing when traveling and at family events. It gave me a few minutes away from the hectic holiday party. It was easier to feed a baby pumped milk than to worry about carting around all that formula, or running out of formula, and the weird odor.

Let's admit it, though, pumping wasn't all perfect. There were some limitations.

  1. I had to remember to pump before running, because running when you're engorged is no fun. (I've run while breastfeeding, but never pumped on the run like this mom!
  2. I had to watch how many cocktails I had, and time my drinks and pumps. (Get the scoop on alcohol and breastmilk here.) 
  3. I had to find a private spot to pump and hope no one walks in. 
  4. I had to make sure I had all the supplies I needed. 
  5. I had to find space in the fridge already crowded with holiday food for the pumped milk. (Our family still gets a good laugh about the time we visited a new mom, and our middle asked for a glass of milk, but very seriously told us he did not mean the mom's milk.)
  6. And I would inevitably almost forget some of the milk I pumped!

And there were plenty of other things to worry about, like engorgement and low milk supply. (If you're having problems you can get some help with pumping here.)

It was a lot to think about back then added on to all the other needs of the baby. To be honest I'm pretty psyched to be past the breast pump days. I was a lot more relaxed at this year's parties.

 Here are some things I did at the parties this year instead of pumping:

  1. Drank an extra cocktail whenever I wanted.
  2. Finished reading my book while sitting in a lounge chair. It was weird, but when I was a nursing mom I often found it hard to concentrate on books. I often just read magazines. 
  3. Played a board game with my oldest. 
  4. Took a nap and didn't wake up engorged.
  5. Ate a lot of cookies. (OK, I did that one while pumping plenty of times.)

The point is, I had more free time.

Now to the contest that I mentioned. You can answer either question (or both) in a comment, and you have to comment to win a $50 gift card!

  • How did you multi-task when pumping?
  • What are you doing with the time you've reclaimed from pumping?
Make sure you comment to be entered to win the $50 gift card!! And share this with your friends who deserve a nice after-holidays treat. Good luck!

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