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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cold Temps, Warm Hearts

Winter hasn't been too bad, but wow was it cold when I ran the North Park 10K, part of the Allegheny 9. When I woke up (way too early thanks to kids) on Saturday morning, it was 14 degrees.

I did not want to get up and run. But friends had donated to my fundraising page for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, so I knew I had to. I got up, got dressed and went out and gave it my all.

The left part of my face froze for part of the race. Then it thawed in the sunshine we were lucky to have. There were only a little over 100 people there so I had to keep my eye on people in front of me and work on catching them one at a time.

I caught the guy in the yellow jacket, then the two ladies in black.

At mile 3  I passed the lady in the pink vest and then the guy in the bright blue EQT jacket.

It got rough when the lady in pink passed me back at mile 5. But I didn't let her go. I stayed right behind her and when my Garmin clicked over that I had passed mile 6 I turned on my kick and passed her a few steps from the finish line. It felt good!!!

Lots of friends kept me honest that day and donated to support my run in the cold. I'm so grateful to them. Not only did I finish first in my age group, I reached the first benchmark in fundraising.

I'm $43 away from the next benchmark and I know there's someone out there who will help me reach the next stage.

It could be you.

The Impact of a Dollar at Your Local CMN Hospital

Wondering what your donation might support? It adds up and it matters.

$10,000 - Critical Care Crib

$8,500 - Two Ventilators

$5,000 - Three Pediatric Wheelchairs

$3,500 - Five Nerve Stimulators

$1,000 - One Pulse Oximeter

$500 - One Fetal Heart Monitor

$100 - One Guitar or Keyboard

Just in case...

Want another reason to support kids getting care from Children's Miracle Network Hospitals? Read about the sparkly Michael Jackson glove.

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