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Thursday, February 9, 2017

First Triathlon of 2017

I'm so excited because I've completed my first triathlon on 2017 and earned the right to proudly display my magnet on my van!

On January 29, my husband and I completed the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh Indoor Triathlon. You read that right, my husband did it, too, even though he doesn't swim. Talk about brave.

I'd definitely do this race again and recommend it for beginners who want to get a sense of triathlons but aren't ready to commit to a full outdoor experience.

It feels a little selfish to write about this when there are so many difficult things happening in our country, but self care is important. In order to work for social justice and defend what's right, I need to (and want to) have a strong mind and a strong body. Working out, staying healthy, and eating right helps me do my best. It gives me the foundation I need to work hard and I felt great after this event. Ready to take on anything.

Also, I had two excellent coaches.

I love this indoor triathlon because only the events are timed and you can do them in any order.  My husband did the run, then bike, then the swim.

I started with the pool and wowee was it chilly!

The swim portion was 10 laps or 500 yards.  Here's a video (with commentary) of me swimming. 

Next, I went to the bike and ended up biking next to my husband. The bike portion is on stationary bikes and we had to cover 4 miles as fast as we could. The key is get the resistance as high as you could manage. No photos or videos of me biking, sorry. Just imagine me, on a bike, sweaty.

Finally, I did the run. Two miles on an indoor track or 30 laps. Yep, 30. It was simultaneously quick and endless. Turn after turn after turn. Lap after lap. Luckily my coaches were nearby helping me count and cheering me on and taking a few photos and (unflattering) slow motion videos that I will not be sharing.

I did this race in 2014 and finished first in my age group. I was a little worried that I hadn't been biking or swimming enough to come anywhere close to my previous times, but I was pleasantly surprised!

2017 (Second in age group!)
500 yd swim - 10:38
4 mile bike - 14:29
2 mile run - 16:33

2014 (First in age group)
500 yd swim - 10:36
4 mile bike - 17:54
2 mile run 16:56

My times were comparable and I always love coming home with an age group medal. (Yes, there were only two people in my age group but still I showed up!!!) It was great having my family there, both competing and cheering. Now on to the next challenge.

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