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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Do You Know These Pittsburgh Places - Answers!

Did you enter your guesses for the Pittsburgh Places? Do you think you guessed them all?

I had a great time on the "Downtown Dragons" tour hosted by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. We visited places I had knew and loved and new places that I now know and love! I snapped six photos of special places and wanted to see if anyone could name them all. I definitely did not know about all of these before this tour.

Before we get to the answers, though, here's something else I didn't know. PHLF offers self-guided tours! Six of them! Each two-page PDF includes a map and background information on the sites. Check out the six self-guided tours of Downtown Pittsburgh here.

And PHLF offers a huge variety of field trips and a classroom artifact kit for any classroom studying Pittsburgh history. It's really an amazing resource for our area and I hope schools use it to teach our students. Since I love learning (especially on vacation) you can bet my kids and I will be tackling one of those self-guided walking tours soon.

Now to the info you've been waiting for - the answers to the Six Pittsburgh Places!

Pittsburgh Place 1
This first Pittsburgh Place is down at Station Square near the entrance to the mall. It's an architectural piece called a chimera. Even though we have been to Station Square plenty of times I never knew this little dragon was there.

Pittsburgh Place 2
Place 2 is a familiar place to us. We love to visit on special brunches and our kids have chosen this place for their birthday meals. It's the ceiling inside the Grand Concourse! We learned that a gummy gunk covered the glass tiles and it was really hard to clean them…until the restoration crew tried Easy-Off!

Pittsburgh Place 3
Place 3 is close to Place 2. Some of you may think I'm cheating. This is a lantern in the dining area of Grand Concourse closest to the train tracks. So, sort of the same as Place 2, but a little different.

Pittsburgh Place 4
This incredible piece of art that is Place 4 is inside the City County Building. These are elevator doors!

Pittsburgh Place 5
Place 5 is another ceiling. It's inside the newly renovated Koppers Building. Now, the renovation of the lobby is crazy, lots of purple and pink that was very eye-catching. But this ceiling was too lovely to resist.

Pittsburgh Place 6
We visited lots of other lovely places, but you really should go on the tour yourself and see them. So now we're at the end of our guessing game at Place 6. If you look closely you can see the reflection of my and my sixth grader and one of his teachers in the glass. The colorful wall is found underground at the Wood St. T Station.

So how did you do? Did you guess all six?

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