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Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 CUCB Wrap Up

After running 98.7 miles in March, probably my best training total for that month ever, I ran the 2017 Credit Union Cherry Blossom Ten Mile on Sunday April, 3 2017. This was my seventh consecutive Cherry Blossom, and it was a beautiful one.

My favorite cheering squad was of course my husband and two boys. (The oldest got to spend the weekend with a best bud.) My favorite race sign this year was "Accio Finish Line." My favorite non-family supporters were the drummers near mile 9. Love those ladies. The image that sticks with me is approaching Arlington Cemetery over the bridge, seeing the mansion on the top of the hill lit up in the sun.

I had a basic goal of "going under 90" and I was close. Again. 90:33. I've been telling people that I am 9/10 happy with the race and 1/10 bummed, because in my last mile I really slowed down.

Running a race like this one is about more than just my finish time.

It's about seeing a great friend from college and celebrating her first Cherry Blossom 10.

It's about meeting my running hero Kathrine Swtizer again and getting inspired, right as I'm in the middle of a novel for kids all about her.
Social media team lead Kim, Kathrine and me!

It's about being grateful to be at the starting line, healthy and injury free.

At the starting line

 It's about being grateful for the chance to run under the blossoms at whatever pace.

It's about loving the photos your husband captured. SO GORGEOUS. 

It's about getting up that last hill. This race, my middle son ran part of this hill with me and gave me a real boost.  

 It's about a post race celebration brunch - with liquid olives - at Jaleo with my family.

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