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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ask Your PA Senator to Support SB501

Today I'm in Harrisburg to visit state senators and ask them to support SB 501. I have already visited my state senator, Randy Vulakovich, at his Shaler office and I know he won't support this bill. His reason? 

"There wouldn't be enough room to store the guns if we took them away from people with a final PFA," he said. 

Really? That's your reason? There's no room to store the guns from people judged to be guilty of domestic violence, so let's just let the violent person keep the guns so the violent person can use them to kill women, children, and first responders. 

I need your help to let elected officials know this is not acceptable. 

I'm here making personal visits. I ask you to make a phone call. Just one phone call. 

  • If your senator are supporting SB501, call your senator and say THANK YOU. (If you can get a meeting to discuss other gun violence bills, let me know.  SB383 is a bad one. I can help.)
  • If your senator hasn't stated a position, ask their position. Maybe get a meeting. (If you can get a meeting, let me know and I'll help!)
  • If your senator opposes SB501, ask why. And let them know you would ask them to consider changing their mind. Again, if you can get a meeting, let me know and I'll help.) 

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