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Friday, May 19, 2017

First Mile

How old were you when you ran your first mile?

Have you ever raced a mile?

I remember running the mile in phys ed and hating it. I remember being mocked for struggling and not knowing how to run.

But then I joined the track team in high school and I learned how to pace myself, to go out hard but not too hard. Soon I was racing the two mile, and then the 5K. I got stronger and smarter. By the end of college, I was running three miles in a row faster than I had ever run one mile.

My oldest has run a mile many times and he runs more than a mile every weekend at soccer. But he raced his first mile in sixth grade earlier in May, and I couldn't have been more proud of him and his hard work.

He asked to practice and ran some miles on the track before his big day. He didn't sprint the first 100 and die. He didn't even sprint the first 400 and die. He went out strong and lap after lap passed people. He kept pushing hard and finished strong and ran a :40 personal record.

My husband and I watched every step around the track, and my proud (fast, experienced runner) husband said, "I can see he has more in him. He can go faster."

To others, that could sound like my husband wasn't impressed by our oldest's performance. But you have to know runners and you have to know parents. Runners always think they can shave a few seconds off their time. And parents think our children are limitless in their abilities.

I hope that he feels that way about himself, too.

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