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Monday, May 8, 2017

Strengths and Weaknesses

We put up a volleyball net in our yard yesterday. And while fun bookended our family time, right in the middle of the games was competitive drama. A lot comes easy to my boys and when they struggled with this new activity, their egos suffered. They got frustrated. They got angry. They were embarrassed when they messed up. Sports can do that to us.

At least they weren't in gym class. What is it with gym class? Why do people have such horrible experiences in gym class?

  • I mentioned volleyball to a friend, and she mentioned how she hates volleyball thanks to gym class.
  • Another friend told me she got slammed in the face with a ball in high school and everyone laughed. 
  • And I heard another story about someone getting a concussion from kickball in the second grade.
  • My friend's son has gotten hurt more than once in gym class at our elementary school. 

And my personal story, how after struggling to run a mile in gym class, and crying because I could barely breathe, the gym teacher mocked me in front of everyone. Brutal.

But gym teachers aren't all like that. And gym classes aren't all like that. And sports don't just expose our weaknesses. They also show us how tough we really are.

  • My youngest set the kindergarten Pacer test record in gym class while his class cheered him on.
  • My middle son told us about his good friend who set a record lifting weights while her class cheered her on.
  • My oldest also racked up a ton of laps at Pacer and the class cheered him on. 
I'm sure there are other good gym class memories out there. 

What's your worst memory? 
What's your best?

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