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Monday, July 10, 2017

How Fit Am I

On a Friday afternoon I decided to test my fitness by doing four simple moves suggested by My Fitness Pal. 

Granted, there's all kinds of fitness. Earlier this summer my kids asked a good question about what makes a good runner: a)someone who runs a fast marathon and wins or b)someone who finishes one marathon and can immediately run another.

Both seem pretty badass to me.

I haven't been running a lot lately, instead I've been doing hour long Cardio/HIIT workouts. I like the change of pace (running pun) and I like improving at strength moves. I'm not really a muscular person, so these workouts are a good challenge.

Even though I'm not running, I can't help challenging myself here and there. When we visit Graham Park in Cranberry, I test my ability to do hanging pull-ups (I can do 1), rows of my full bodyweight (I can do 5), and dips (I can't do 1). I hope to get better at those moves as I workout this summer.

How Fit Am I

The four test moves from My Fitness Pal seem to measure strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. They are:

  • Squat
  • Plank
  • Reverse Push-Up
  • Step Ups

**Disclaimer: I decided to do this very spontaneously and didn't bother changing into cool workout gear. 

Here's the model doing the squat. She's supposed to at least get her hips level with knees, heels on floor, torso not past 45 degrees.

That's me doing the squat. I sort of did it, I think. 


Here's the model doing plank, keeping a water bottle level for at least 20 seconds.

My hips look a tad high in this photo. But it's the second plank I did because my helper didn't take a photo the first time. I did keep the water bottle steady for over 30 seconds.

Reverse Push-Up 

This one was too hard for me to do well. I was supposed to start on the ground and push up and keep my hips level.

I struggled. I didn't have the core or arm strength.

Step Test

This one I thought would be up my alley, but I worried since I haven't been running a lot my cardio would be low. The goal was to keep my heart rate between 90-120, and I wound up with 112.

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