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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Signs of the Times

If there is a sign near me, I read it. I know not everyone does, but I do. And in the past two months, I have read some really thought-provoking signs. 

I was at the gynecologist for my annual check-up at the end of May and saw this sign in the waiting room. It's 2017, and my doctor's practice is still telling people they can't use their cell phones. OK, what about my smartphone? What if I'm paying bills? Or adding to my grocery list? Must I only do that on paper? 

I used my smartphone to take this photo, but when they called me, I was still able to hear them. Somehow. 

So mildly irritated from their waiting room sign, I head into the patient room and see THIS sign. This burned me up. Since I'm self-employed I wouldn't qualify for either of these, but I was really irked. If I DID need these, I'd need a doctor to complete the forms. And I'd have to pay extra. What the hell. 

Over Memorial Day, I encountered another sign that dented my faith in humanity. We traveled to Virginia for a soccer tournament and in between games treated ourselves to ice cream. There I spotted THIS sign. I knew there was some terrible reason why the ice cream place stopped giving out tasty treats for good grades, and yes, it was because of adults abusing the program, not kids. Thanks, adults. 

Words matter people. Also on that weekend in Virginia, I saw this sign on a walk around the park hosting the soccer tournament. I loved that the park reminded people the park belongs to them. Care for it. Love it.

Just for laughs. This is a funny sign. Even my vegetarian laughed.

I'm not getting religious, but I always wonder about these kinds of signs. Who puts them up? Why? Are they told to do this in their church? Do they make a bunch and drive around and hang them up? This was near the Starbucks in Breezewood.

This was a sign in Hawaii, on the road to Hana, at the ice cream place where I ordered a fresh coconut. The kids got ice cream. But what we didn't see was a sign that said all the ice cream was DAIRY-FREE. Ooops. Not the best under the sun, so the gong was silent.

Also in Hawaii, but on the Big Island. We thought we were driving to the summit of Mauna Kea. Read the red print in shadow: Children under the age of 14 shouldn't go any higher! Also, no cocktails (=no fun).

More signs making me nervous on Mauna Kea. We did not have Four Wheel Drive. 

This is the BEST SIGN ever to read when driving down the side of a massive volcano. Beware of Invisible Cows. Good heavens. 

This sign entertained my middle son for a long time. We spotted it on our last day on the Big Island, enjoying a last meal at the Lava Lava Lounge. The coconut was still and hot, because it was a sunny day. Later that day it rained all over us, probably because Hawaii was sad when we left. 

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