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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Things That Count

Things I Count

Steps I take in a day
Ounces of water I drink 
Miles I run per week
Words I write in a story 
Dollars coming in a month 
Likes on social media posts
Pounds I weigh 
Dollars going out in a month 
Emails in my inbox 
Calls I make as a volunteer
Hours I sleep a night
Books I read a year 

Things I Can't Count 

Cookies I have eaten 
Moments spent in daydreams
Laughs shared with friends
Kisses from my husband
Tissues I’ve used on runny noses
Hugs with my children
Raindrops that have fallen on me
Phone calls to my mom 
Problems my friends have helped me handle
Bandages I’ve put on skinned knees
Licks of ice cream cones

Waves that have washed over my feet

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