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Friday, June 8, 2018

My Kids are Not Disasters in the Kitchen

In my last post, I detailed the difficulties I had boiling figgy pudding and admitted I'm a disaster in the kitchen.

You know who's not a disaster in the kitchen? My kids!

This summer, the middle kid dedicated over an hour to making his first batch of hot sauce! He received this kit as a birthday present from his older brother, it's from a company called Grow and Make, and we ordered through Uncommon Goods.

While the kit suggested some recipes, he decided to go off on his own. He selected his peppers (1 chipotle, 2 guajillo)

He needed cilantro, and luckily he received a little "grow your own cilantro" kit for Easter. He grew it, and planted it, and was excited to use some fresh leaves. 

The aroma was very strong. 

The base we used was chopped tomatoes from Penn Corner CSA. We're trying the Farm Stand this year. 

He was a little nervous to try it….

But it was GOOD! About thirty seconds after this photo, his face transformed as the heat of the peppers kicked in. I was laughing too hard and forgot to snap a photo.

After boiling, the sauce needed to sit for a little bit, so he enlisted his brother's help in drawing a label. He decided to name his blend "It Burns."

Like his dad, he really enjoyed creating his very own mix from scratch. He was really careful during the whole process. 

The hot sauce matures over two weeks, so while we've enjoyed a few tastes, we're looking forward to the full flavor. Come on over and try some!

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