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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Word Search Battle #1

Our family is slightly competitive. So when I bought a word search book at Half Price Books and brought it home, of course we turned it into a game.


My oldest and I got comfy on the deck and raced each other to find the most words in the puzzle.

In the first match-up, we tied.

In the second match-up, we tied!

In the third match-up, we tied!!!!

Finally, in the fourth match-up, I beat him by one word.

We had to keep playing until he won, and in the fifth match-up, he finally beat me by one word.

We had such fun we decided to race each other to complete a full word search. So the middle made copies of the same word search, we set up the phones to record videos, got our pens, and the middle said "3, 2, 1 GO!"

We call this Word Search Battle #1.

It's a video on YouTube, and it's less than 6 minutes.

My pen started failing right away, but I switched and persevered…until… well, you can watch the video and find out. Our plan was to have two videos side by side showing us each completing the puzzle, but unfortunately his video only shows the back of his head.

Now, if you want to join in the competition, you can print out your own copy of Word Search Battle #1, go to our Word Search Battle 1 video on Youtube, get your pen ready, then hit start and compete against us. But you better be fast!!

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