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Monday, November 19, 2018

Runners' Guide to Parenting

I'm a runner and I'm also a parent and there are a lot of similarities. Both require flexibility, sacrifice, dedication, a good partner, and the ability to STARE FEAR IN THE FACE WITHOUT BLINKING. Just kidding, that last part only applies to parenting.

Here are five things I learned from being a runner and a parent.

1. Peeing - when you have to go, you have to go. Sometimes getting to the toilet is impossible, so you learn to adapt and go when you can, and sometimes when you can't NOT go.

2. Eating - better do it right or you pay the price. If you eat junk you'll probably regret it when you run. If you let your kids eat junk, you'll regret it when there's no junk left for you to snack on.

3. Timing - 10 minutes here and there, whether napping or doing some aerobic work, counts. You learn to sleep when the baby sleeps, and you learn to do step-ups on the bleachers when it's 36 degrees outside and your kid still has soccer practice.

4. Gear - there's lots out there, and you probably don't need all of it.

5. Speedwork is essential, because one day you will have to chase your kid through the pharmacy as he run away from his flu shot.

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